Best show on TV: Sons of Anarchy – Hey! There’s no TREK, BSG is long gone, as is Caprica (apparently I was the only one who liked it—except for the God-awful conclusion) and Stargate Universe (why? – well, the stones were kind of dumb – still, all-in-all…). And Falling Skies? It’s good, but I cannot tell a lie – it comes in at third place (a distant third) after…

Second best show on TV: Once Upon a Time – A fairy tale, you ask? Oh, yeah, baby!

Best science fiction book of all time: Asimov’s Foundation – I not only read it three times over the years (starting as a teen), I wrote a screen play for it (through the first Seldon Crisis).

Worst science fiction book of all time: ??? – Here’s where I chicken out (not trying to make any enemies here). Suffice it to say, many good people died, and the people who aided and abetted the killer lived happily ever after. I hate that.

Best science fiction movie of all time:  Aliens – Space Marines in action with baaaad ass Private Ruiz? It couldn’t miss.

Most under-rated science fiction movie: Soldier – Kurt Russell was simply magnificent.

Most over-rated science fiction movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still – Ouch! I can feel the brick-bats; but come on! “You guys be more peaceful or we’ll reduce your planet to a burned out cinder.” Really?